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  1. RECONCILIATION: We specify the needs, size and raw material by phone, in person or by email.

  2. VISION DESIGN: After clarifying the details, we create a 3D visual design of the dreamed-of furniture.

  3. QUOTE: Together with the accepted visual design, you will receive our final price offer from us.

  4. PAYMENT IN ADVANCE: You can finalize your order by paying in advance.

  5. MANUFACTURING: After receiving the advance payment, we will start the preparation of the product, which will take 3-6 weeks.

  6. DELIVERY: We will notify you when the product is ready and we will deliver and assemble your own Dokka furniture at an agreed time.

  7. WARRANTY: In the event of damage caused by proper use, we undertake to repair the products on site in a professional manner.

  8. TREE PLANTING: We plant the seedlings twice a year with the students of Fürészt school. If you want, you can also take part in the event.

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