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Like all Dokka Design products, the Dokka Industro coffee table is also handmade. Its tabletop is hand-made of a piece of noble wood from a log, chosen after careful selection, which is guaranteed to be appreciated by fans of loft and natural style. Any defects in the material of the table are repaired with the highest quality epoxy resin in the Dokka workshop. In part, this process ensures the premium quality of the finished product.
The metal parts of the table are made of thick-walled steel with a matte black finish. The use of solid wood, the pleasant colors of the wood, the harmonious connection of the materials used, the design and treatment of the surfaces, the solid, elegant lines and the functionality are all characteristic of Dokka Design coffee tables.

If you want a really tasteful and stylish coffee table, then Dokka Industro is the perfect choice.

Dokka Industro coffee table

  • Length: 90 cm
    Width: 60 cm
    Height: 40 cm
    Weight: approx. 25 - 35 kg.
    The material is solid wood table top. Does not require assembly.

    The given price refers to the size 90 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm.

    The product can also be ordered in individual sizes!
    For individual sizes please contact us by e-mail or by phone.

    Size options (variations):
    Length: 90 cm - 120 cm
    Width: 60 cm - 70 cm
    Height: 40 cm

    The images are illustrations!
    The ordered product may differ depending on the texture of the chosen wood.

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